On Use Value of Art, Babel visningsrom for kunst

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On Use Value of Art, Babel visningsrom for kunst, 15.-25.04.10

Fra pressemeldingen:

The exhibition under the title On Use Value of Art presents five positions of an artistic practice that comes to the breaking point with what is generally seen as art in its neoliberal contemporaneity.

Exhibited works emerged as a result of collaborations that Ivan Basso, André Raatzsch, Sibylle Hofter, Rädle&Jeremic and Stephan Kurr have done together with other artists, young people and children from Serbia, France and Germany.

The authors have developed specific artistic approaches to articulate and examine problems and experiences in the lived world of the participants, expending everyday life into the experimental space of art.

Ivan Basso worked with unaccompanied minors living on the streets of Paris and made photos and a video that questions the ethics of child protection, André Raatzsch and Emese Benkö developed a sound sculpture with youth in Berlin, a fictional Roma female superhero. Artist from Berlin, Sibylle Hofter has worked in Serbia, Leskovac to realize staged photo-portraits. Rena Rädle, and Vladan Jeremic with Saša Barbul, Sali Kadrijaj and Muha Blackstazy, have made a movie about the destiny of the dislocated inhabitants of the Roma settlement near the Gazela bridge in Belgrade. Stephan Kurr shows a two channel video installation about role models for men and it's contradictions.

The question about the use-value of art researches the relation between the producers and the recipients of art, roles that in the case of the presented works are not clearly defined. Visitors of the exhibition will bring in one more position into a field that touches on one edge the arts, on the other evolves into politics - permanently stressing the issue in which way artistic and didactic practice can be combined in the context of criticism of contemporary society.


Raedle&Jeremic have been working together on joint projects since 2002. Their aim is to detect and research conditions in the society and comment on what they find. The field of contemporary art is their means for criticism, enabeling them to have active roles in various fields of social activism. Vladan Jeremic and Rena Raedle are part of the curatorial team of The 2nd Roma Pavilion 2011.

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Support: Trondheim kommune, Sør-Trøndelag fylkeskommune and Norsk kulturråd

Production: Babel and Biro za kulturu i komunikaciju Beograd

Collaborator: Manufacturing Today

Fotograf: Daniel Slåttnes

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