Markus Lantto, Dokkparken

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My Body is my Temple. Markus Lantto. Isfit-utstilling Dokkparken 11 - 20 februar 2011.

Markus Lantto is a Swedish artist living and working in Trondheim. He has a big interest in the materials and processes used in the construction of buildings such as houses, tunnels and bridges. For this project he has chosen to work with scaffolding.

Through his installation, “My Body is my Temple”, he has related the idea and the materials of buildings with the human body. When people move inside the installation, lights will go on and off, depending on the viewer’s presence. It is as though the art piece wakes up when people approach and falls back to sleep when they leave. The work can perhaps be interpreted as a representation of our bodily response to the great and universal need for love.

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